A revolutionary new fixing for hanging heavy items to plasterboard walls.

It's fast, easy to use and fits all plasterboard variations, holding heavy loads securely. Most importantly, it gives complete peace of mind to the installer, so they can be certain it will hold their valuables on the wall.

Why T-Bolt?

Fast installation
Wings automatically deploy
No more guesswork!
Supports heavy loads



Incredibly easy to install. Such a neat design. Gave me the confidence to hang a heavy scaffold board shelf for cookery books, off just the plasterboard. As you tighten the bolt up the wings fold round and you can feel them grip into the rear of the board. Zero movement. Absolutely brilliant little fixing.


N Watson

Decent fixing. And I’ve used loads. Felt more sturdy than cheaper ones. Screwing the bracket on activates the flaps, happens all at once. Instantly feels really solid. You don’t have to clamp it in it first, with another tool. Just need a drill and screwdriver. You get what you pay for, and I don't want my customers TV’s falling off the wall.

Chris H

I don't hang heavy things very often but when I do, I normally have a real hassle - the little arms at the back of the fitting either break or get pulled through the plasterboard, ruining the hole I just drilled. This time around I thought I'd give these new T-Bolts a try. Success! I can't believe how simple they were to use.


I wanted to mount a 55" TV on a plasterboard wall and was obviously concerned. The bracket allowed me to secure one side to a strut and I used 3 of these the attach the other side straight to the plasterboard an also one in the middle. These are very easy to use, drill the hole, insert, twist, done. They feel incredibly secure and left me with little worry about the TV falling off or becoming loose.

Swallows of Amazon

Ordered these to hang a really heavy mirror on a stud wall. Very simple to fit, even for a novice and mirror seems rock-solid.

Louise Hearne