If you’re sick and tired of making larger and larger holes in your plasterboard walls with other fixings and your pictures are still falling down, then look no further than T-Bolt. The reassuringly easy to use plasterboard fixing.

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T-Bolt installs as fast as you can drill the hole, insert the fixing and tighten thebolt. It’s as simple as drill, push, fix.

T-Bolt works on Dot and dab walls with a minimum cavity between the wall and the plasterboard of 15mm. (see video)

Yes. You will need a longer M5 screw and you will have to remove the plastic washer. T-Bolt has been designed to work in any depth of plasterboard wall whether it be double skinned or insulated. Please see installation video.

5mm is a very common size of hole in the majority of brackets. You may find some small picture hooks are 4mm, but if this is the case, simply drill the bracket out to 5mm using a 5mm drill bit. Please check your bracket before purchasing.

As the M5 screw is tightened, the wings automatically open, spreading the load evenly across the back of the board.

T-Bolt is not recommended for cantilever, extendable, pull out or full motion brackets. The stress on the plasterboard tends to result in it failing. T-Bolts have only been tested on cantilever installation of depth up to 100mm from the wall. Extendable brackets are still not recommended to be used. Please see data sheets. 

This is not recommended. T-bolt needs a bracket on the front face of the board to clamp the wall and function properly. Please see the hanging kit if you need to hang pictures and mirrors etc.


You simply need a drill/driver to make the 16mm hole and a pozidrive or a phillips screwdriver. A stud finder is recommended to search for cables and pipes before drilling.

Any 16mm spade bit or hole saw.

The 16mm hole can be easily filled and skimmed with standard hole filler.

Yes! T-Bolt is reusable and recyclable.

T-Bolt can be removed by reversing the installation process. As the M5 bolt is unscrewed, the wings will release and the fitting can be removed as swiftly as it was installed.


T-Bolt works in all plasterboard thickness including dot and dab & insulated walls. Anything over 15mm will require a longer M5 screw.

100mm apart is recommended for full strength.

T-Bolt can hold up to 65kg per fixing. Please visit the loading page for more information.